• Individual Counseling (one-to-one, you and I working toward your goals)

  • Group Counseling  (4-8 people working toward common goals)

  • Couples Counseling (traditional and non-traditional partners welcome -- this might also include business partners looking to do their best work together, roommates hoping to find a good arrangement)

  • Family and other Relationship Counseling (sessions may include members of a family, very close friends, business associates, etc.)

  • Assessment (personality, career, mood, values, learning style, etc.)

  • Distance Counseling (phone, email, and video sessions)
  For video sessions, please sign up for an account at http://VSee.com
  For email sessions, please sign up for an account at https://www.hushmail.com

  • Helping adults in transition (age, job, parenting, career, geographic change, and much more)

  • Helping people  who are coping with feelings of depression/anxiety

  • Exploring career change or help with career indecision

  • Gentle, caring help for those experiencing the upset of grief or personal loss (death, divorce, pet loss [I will take this seriously. I understand the love involved.], job loss, romantic breakups, difficult changes, etc.)

  • Learn to take advantage of your strengths (even those you did not realize you have) by engaging in self-exploration/personality preferences.  Learn to strengthen those areas that could use some help.  Let's find out how to make the most of who you are.  Celebrate you!!
  • Elevating your self-esteem/self-confidence.

  • Managing your anger, stress, worry, time, etc.

  • Mind-Body Connections (mindfulness, hypnosis, pain management, imagery, goal attainment, personal coaching, biofeedback, etc.)

  • Spiritual Exploration (Do  you feel lost? Alone? Confused? Does it feel like something is missing in life? This could be an area worth exploring.)

Counseling services provided are provided as follows:
Some areas of focus are:
Counseling * Relief from Depression and Anxiety * Mindfulness * Better Relationships * Personal Growth * Wellness for Mind - Body - Spirit
Linda L. Richardson, Licensed Professional Counselor
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